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Merchant Code of Conduct

Introduction By using HeyHo’s services, the Merchant is required to follow the rules and codes of conduct as set out herein. The Code of Conduct 1. Merchant is required to provide accurate and correct information of himself/herself during registration process of HeyHo’s business account. 2. Merchant must ensure that the food and/or item selling on the HeyHo’s App is safe and clean which will not cause any health issue to the customer and safe to use and/or consume. 3. Merchant shall take attention to any special request on the customer’s message on especially in respect of any allergic issue on food which may cause serious ill to the customer. 4. Merchant shall conduct a final inspection on the order of the food and/or item to make sure that there is no missing or incorrect item before deliver to the customer. 5. Merchant is required to hold a valid license to carry out their business in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. 6. Merchant shall not use the HeyHo App and/or services for any illegal purposes such as money laundering activities. 7. Merchant shall not coerce and/or force customer to buy or order their food and/or items. 8. Merchant shall only use the personal data of customer that they may receive solely for the purpose of selling the food and/or item on HeyHo’s App and/or services only and no other purposes or platforms are allowed. 9. Merchant shall not use the HeyHo’s App and/or services for any money laundering activities. 10. Merchant shall not sell and/or put on display any illegal, prohibited and controlled items on the HeyHo’ App and/or service platform. Any such event happen, HeyHo will not tolerate and will report to the relevant law enforcement agencies and remove such item from all HeyHo’s platforms and /or services. 11. Merchant shall not harass and/or disturb the peace of the customer based on the contact information obtained from HeyHo’ App and/or services. 12. Merchant shall at all time, be honest on the description of the foods and/or items they sell. There shall be no cheating and/or defrauding on the customer. Violation of the Code of Conduct HeyHo set a high standard of conduct to be complied by the Merchant to ensure that the services provided to the user and/or customer is of satisfactory quality. Failing to meet the standard may lead to suspension and/or termination of the Merchant’s access to their business account. Heyho may, but under no obligation, to inform and/or notify Merchant before suspending and/or terminating Merchant’s access to the App and services. Future update of the Code of Conduct This Code may be updated from time to time. Merchant may refer to HeyHo’s website for the most up-to-date version of this Code.