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FAQ for HEYHO Chef

1What is the HEYHO app?

HEYHO provides the user a platform where they can order a wide variety of home-cooked meals from their favorite home chefs right to their doorstep via HEYHO’s delivery partner.

2 How do I engage in HEYHO’s services? What are the requirements?

1. Upon successful registration and eligibility as HEYHO Chef, you will have the access to access and set up your web-based kitchen on the app. 2. You must ensure that your menu is available for purchase through the HEYHO app during its normal business hours. Your minimum operation hour should be at least eight (8) hours and four (4) days a week. 3. For every order you receive in your kitchen, you must prepare the order, handle the packing and store the item in the best possible condition. 4. Be sure to comply with all health and safety laws and regulations applicable in relation to your offering, up to the delivery packaging of the item to the customer. 5. You shall take responsibility for any costs related to any compensation to the customers in the event that any of your customers are unsatisfied with their orders. 6. To ensure that you are able to provide all required documentation by HEYHO such as your business license, identification, tax identification, information regarding SST status, banking documentation, and all invoices.

3Do I have to pay to use HEYHO?

HeyHo app is available for download via Google Store and App Store for free. However, there will be charges to all of HEYHO’s Chefs at a small "Service Fee" of ten percent (10%) for each order made.

4 Does the 10% Service Fee taken by HEYHO include any taxation?

Yes, the ten percent (10%) that HEYHO charges from the total transaction includes the Digital Service Tax (DST) of six percent (6%). However, each Chef is also taxable to their own service tax based on their sales.

5 How can such payment be made?

It’s simple! HEYHO will deduct the Service Fees from the payment that we collect from Customers on your behalf automatically.

6 How long will the payout is processed to my account?

HEYHO will process your payment within five (5) working days from the day of transaction to your assigned bank account

7 How will HEYHO market me and my products?

HEYHO will showcase your menu in your dedicated kitchen on the app where the user can easily browse and select your offering. From time to time, your kitchen will also be featured on various promotional activities including a brand placement on the main landing page of the app for better recognition and on HEYHO’s social media platform to drive awareness and traffic to your kitchen.

8 What happens if a customer complains about me?

HEYHO, on behalf of you, will respond to complaints by customers about their orders, items, and/or delivery through the HEYHO App support team. You will then be notified with a report from HEYHO’s team regarding the complaints received for improvement and monitory.

9 Am I required to have the same price on the app as it is outside of it?

You are encouraged to set original price listing at the same price point as your other channel of sales that you may have. Any discount or promotion initiative by you shall be borne by you for each item to be made available for sale via the HEYHO app.

10 Say I want to change my premises address, who do I notify?

If you wish to change your address that acts as your kitchen, simply hand in a written notice to us no less than seven (7) days in advance.

11 Will HEYHO provide the packaging for merchants?

HEYHO will provide paper bags to you where you must purchase and request on the quantity you need. Do note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the order is well-packed before you send it out to avoid contamination and spillage.

12 How can I track my incoming orders?

Viewing and accepting incoming orders are easier than ever, just check via! for you get all the access. Any incoming orders will also be notified via SMS so be sure to keep your phone reachable.

13 Am I able to set my status offline if there are too many orders to handle?

If you feel overwhelmed by all the incoming orders, feel free to change your status to offline mode to limit the number of orders in case you need more time to prepare.

FAQ for HEYHO User

1What is HEYHO?

HEYHO provides the user a platform where they can order a wide variety of home-cooked meals from their favorite home chefs right to their doorstep via HEYHO’s delivery partner at an only one tap away.

2 Why order with HEYHO?

1. Craving for a home-cooked meal that is made with love? Worry no more, HEYHO is here to offer you that. 2. With over hundreds of local delicacies at your doorstep 3. No more hassle of driving, parking and queuing to get your favourite dish

3How to order?

1. Download HEYHO via App Store or Google Play Store 2. Sign up your account and fill in your credentials 3. Once registration is done, log in to start browsing your favourite kitchen 4. Select a neighbourhood 5. Select a kitchen 6. Select a meal from the menu 7. Add to basket and complete payment 8. Be sure to insert your correct delivery address and payment detail 9. Sit back and relax while HEYHO Chef is preparing your meal! 10. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep within the next twenty-thirty (20-30) mins

4 Where does HEYHO deliver?

HEYHO is currently available in most of the selected areas within the Klang Valley. From time to time, HEYHO will expand its coverage of delivery and therefore stay in touch with us to find out if we are delivering to your area soon!

5How much is the cost to order using HEYHO?

You order is calculated by adding the price of the menu you have selected plus the delivery fees for logistics. The delivery fee goes straight to our delivery partner and it is calculated on the distance between the kitchen and your delivery address.

6What payment method is available in the HEYHO platform?

HEYHO accepts credit cards, debit cards and FPX payment from the major banks in Malaysia. Please note that added services such as e-wallets will also be coming soon to HEYHO in no time.

7What are the Operating Hours of HEYHO?

You may place your order between 8 am to 10 pm every day.

8 Can I cancel my orders?

Unfortunately, once an order has been made, you are unable to cancel the order. Hence, we would highly encourage you to check your order carefully before confirming payment to the kitchen.

9Can I change the address after ordering?

If you’ve entered the wrong address and the change in address isn’t too far, we suggest you reach out to our delivery partner (Lalamove) via in App call or HEYHO support to check if your order has not left the kitchen and is still able to accommodate the change in address.

10How long will it take for my orders to be delivered?

It depends on the area of the delivery but it should not exceed forty-five (45) mins of delivery time on a regular basis.

11When is the best time to consume my food?

We highly encourage our customer to consume the food within two (2) to four (4) hours from the time of the food has been delivered to you. For sensitive meal, it is recommended to be consumed within two (2) hours. Shall customer wishes to consume the food later, it is advisable to store your food accordingly for safe consumption.

12The food I ordered was spoilt/makes me sick. How can I report about this?

Apology from HEYHO Team if you are experiencing this issue. In order to take this further, we would like to inquire more about it from you by sending us a report to our HEYHO support your order detail and condition so that we could take swift action to resolve this issue. If you are feeling unwell after you have consumed the food you have ordered, we would also suggest to you to seek immediate medical assistance first. Please note that we at HEYHO emphasize in food quality, taste and hygiene provided to our customers.

13What happens if you are not around during the delivery of your order?

HEYHO reserves the right to cancel the order without refund if you remain uncontactable or failed to receive the order within ten (10) minutes from the time the order arrives at your delivery address.

14 Are there any charges to my orders?

Service tax (SST) is inclusive of the payment in your order. However, a Small Order Fee will be charged if the order is less than the minimum order amount of MYR 15. The fee can be removed by adding a few more items that will match the minimum order amount.

15 Is the any Special Requests column?

You’ll be able to put in any special request in the Special Instructions field as you place your order before you add the food item to the Basket, and our Kitchen will do its best to serve your request accordingly.

16How can I get my order receipt?

You may check your order receipt in the HEYHO app by clicking the Order History where you may also find all the details regarding the transaction made.

17Are there any other delivery partners associated with HEYHO?

At this moment we are only associated with Lalamove as our panel delivery partner