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Delivery Code of Conduct

Introduction By using HeyHo’s services, the Delivery Partner is required to follow the rules and codes of conduct as set out herein. The Code of Conduct 1. Delivery Partner is required to provide accurate and correct information of itself during registration process of HeyHo’s account and not impersonating any others. 2. Delivery Partner shall make sure that the foods and/or items deliver are in good condition when deliver to the customer. 3. Do not attempt to contaminate the food to cause food poisoning and affect the quality of the food products by using the suitable equipment or insulation devices to avoid any food poisoning due to any food degradation or contamination. 4. Delivery Partner to provide timely delivery of the food products as stipulated on HeyHo App and cause no delay which may affect the quality of the food. 5. Delivery Partner shall not use the HeyHo App and/or services for any illegal purposes. 6. Do not steal/ attempt to steal/ abuse or misuse any personal information of any users and/or merchants or sellers that is obtained by riders or delivery partners during the transactions of receiving order and delivery to the user. 7. Delivery Partner to ensure all orders received are duly and properly assigned to the suitable rider. Violation of the Code of Conduct HeyHo set a high standard of conduct to be complied by the Delivery Partner to ensure that the services provided to the user and/or customer is of satisfactory quality. Failing to meet the standard may lead to the termination of the service with Delivery Partner. Future update of the Code of Conduct This Code may be updated from time to time. Delivery Partner may refer to HeyHo’s website for the most up-to-date version of this Code.